The Great Wall "Intelligent Fuel-saving King" engine came out

Recently, the first diesel engine with independent intellectual property rights and adopting the most advanced electronically controlled high-pressure common rail technology in the world was introduced in Great Wall Motor. It will be assembled in the Haval diesel car and the Great Wall K2 high-end pickup truck that will be launched in the second half of the year.

According to experts, this engine is called "Intelligent Fuel Saver" INTEC. IN is the first two letters of English intelligence. TEC is the first three letters of Technology. The first letter of Economize is also included. It reflects the innovative technology and TC (Turbo Common Rail) supercharged common rail. Technical features are also embedded in it, and the last C represents Great Wall Power.

The engine is the first in China to be developed jointly with Bosch BOSCH, which has leading diesel engine technology. Its advantages are strong and stable power, low noise, energy saving and environmental protection, low temperature start-up at -35 °C, cooling EGR system and emission treatment device Can achieve Euro III emissions.

There are only a handful of countries currently in possession of this technology. This is the first breakthrough in the independent brand diesel engine technology.

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Great Wall intelligent fuel-saving king engine digital solution

Powerful and stable, low torque and high torque, the maximum torque of 225Nm can be issued in the range of 1600-2600 rpm, which is obviously superior to the traditional turbocharged diesel engine, which solves the problem of short maximum torque time and unstable power.

Low noise, using the most advanced high-pressure common rail fuel direct injection technology, the noise is reduced by more than 16% compared with the traditional turbocharged diesel engine. It solves the problem of poor noise and large comfort of the diesel engine. It feels like a gasoline engine at high speed, and it has a "quiet" The title of the king.

Energy-saving and environmental protection, flexible and precise control by ECU computer, high fuel injection pressure, good atomization, higher combustion efficiency than traditional turbocharged diesel engine by 8%, fuel consumption per 100 km working condition is reduced by more than 20% compared with traditional turbocharged diesel engine, and its carbon dioxide emission is reduced. 15% lower than conventional diesel engines. The responsiveness and driving comfort of the diesel engine are achieved at the level of the gasoline engine, while it has significant fuel economy and low emission characteristics.

-35 °C low temperature start, equipped with GSK type glow Plug, using German BOSCH diesel technology, can be smoothly started in -35 ° C ambient temperature.

Related background:

The engine is the best. In recent years, Great Wall Motor has always forgotten to build its core competitiveness - silently build the core technology of the engine and master the "air power" of the automotive industry.

In May 2000, "Great Wall Internal Combustion Engine Manufacturing Co., Ltd." was established. In June 2001, it injected huge sums of money and built a modern and advanced engine production base with advanced starting point.

After 2003, based on the original internal combustion engine, it invested 3 billion to expand two production lines, and successively launched the GW2.4S gasoline engine, GW4D28 diesel engine and 2.8TDI turbocharged diesel engine jointly with the international famous engine company. The introduction of the "Intelligent Fuel-Saving King" INTEC electronically controlled high-pressure common rail diesel engine opened a new page in the history of self-owned brand manufacturing engines.

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